Sarah Beeny questions Land Registry sell-off

There’s an excellent piece by Kevin Rose in the Sunday Independent that somehow escaped my attention. It concerns the proposed privatisation of the Land Registry.

Rose interviewed a wide range of interested parties – solicitors, conveyancers, software designers for mortgage companies, and Sarah Beeny of Property Ladder fame (soon to appear in Sarah Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare on C4).

Benny is sceptical about the plan, noting: “Fundamentally, the privatisation of such incredibly important data is risky in itself. It’s the sort of data everybody wants and I’m not convinced it should be handed over.”

Sarah Beeny's Restoration Nightmare

Others point out that the Land Registry would be a natural monopoly; that its sell-off would make life more expensive for consumers; and that the Registry is simply too important to be flogged to the highest bidder.

An important national institution sold off in a way that benefits private business while making life more difficult and more expensive for everyone else … Nah, I can’t see it. I mean, seriously, when has anything like that ever happened?

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