Archlife #11 Grand Designs' Kilcreggan house for sale

Have just done a piece on 10 properties on the market that have appeared on Grand Designs – read the full piece, and see all 10 properties, at

My favourite has to be this, The Long House in Kilcreggan, Scotland. Beautiful piece of design, and awesome views.






  • Post modernist rubbish and a blight on the countryside. The “designer” should have been hunted for that monstrosity. No wonder he doesn’t want to live in it and is searching for the Greater Fool to sell to……………

  • just had the roof blown off. so not such a great design.

  • great place shame about the moany neighbours they just couldnt live in the house with so many of them moaning about the house to them . hope it was insured and that the new owners tell the neighbours to stick their unwanted opinions to there self in future

  • this is a rubbish house. no privacy, extortionate price tag and now unsafe. the roof has been built in exactly the same way. there is one bathroom- on the ground floor! whoever designed it is an idiot and however paid for it even more of one! no wonder the neighbours had problems.

  • Typical moaning Brits, someone dares to be different & they get shot down, I suppose yet another ticky tacky box on the hillside would have gone down better?
    I would like to think that it has been re built to a stronger spec in light of the roof damage as that is one hell of a wind catchment area.
    Having said that its a good looking property & well done to the designer for being different, unfortunately most of the Brit audience are stuck in the 1960’s.

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