Grade II listed town hall for sale on ebay

We wrote some months ago about the impending fire sale of publically owned property as cash-strapped councils offload assets in response to budget cuts

The latest in a long list to appear on the market is Warminster Old Town Hall, which is now for sale on ebay with an asking price of £200,000.

townhall Grade II listed town hall for sale on ebay

Warminster Town Hall

The imposing structure was built in 1830 by the Marquess of Bath and is one of the oldest buildings in the town.

It was given to Warminster Urban Council in 1903, but has been empty for five years since Etherington Solicitors moved out and the pigeons moved in.

Warminster town councillor Chris March, a member of the Friends of the Old Town Hall, wants the public to club together to buy the building as a trust.

It’s a sad old state of affairs when locals have to club together to buy one of their landmark public buildings – but there it is.

They have until July 27th to raise the money for a bid: on that day it goes under the hammer at The Garden Room, Bristol Zoo, Clifton, Bristol.

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