Grand Designs Stirling Cedar Clad House on Market

This was the one with a Dutch/Scottish couple building a contemporary Cedar Clad house overlooking Campsie Fells near Glasgow…

The couple, Theo and Elaine Leijser, were described as nomads by Kevin McCloud – fair enough given that they’d been travelling for 20 years – and the house they built used materials from all over the world: floors from America, cedar shakes from Canada, windows from Sweden.

Cue much brow furrowing from Kev – isn’t is all a bit, well, complicated?

A compact timber-framed cube was the result , and in the end he was impressed:

I’ve always had a soft spot for this project. It’s modest, sustainable and has a proper dialogue with the landscape around it thanks to those cedar shakes and the way it sits into the hill. It’s the meeting of sharp urban modernism and rustic charm.

This place fascinates me, not just because it works so well for them but because it is so well conceived it might work for anybody.

If you can spare £1500 pcm the Stirling Cedar Clad House is yours to rent. 

Watch Grand Designs Series 5, Episode 11

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