Hunger Games’ District 12 up for sale

On the market for $1.4 million…

Henry River Mill Village in North Carolina which was the setting for the impoverished mining area, Sector 12, in the film The Hunger Games has been put up for sale by its 83 year-old owner.

Once a thriving community, complete with Thursday night poker games and Sunday afternoon shoot outs, the village became a ghost town after the mill burnt down in 1977.

The abandoned 72-acre site, which, since the release of the film, has become a tourist attraction, provided the structures used as the Everdeen family’s shack and Peeta’s family bakery.

According to the Associated Press, the owner, Wade Shepherd, lives across the river from the town, isn’t a Hunger Games fan, and is fed up with the number of visitors traipsing through.

To anyone wishing to buy the village, we have only one thing to say – may the odds be ever in your favour.


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  1. That’s really cool that’s it’s up for sale however having seen the movie it’s not really all that nice but im sure that some happy fan of the series will buy it.