Britain’s narrowest? One-bed house 7’6″ wide for sale for £192k

Very narrow house seeks skinny buyer who wants to live in a corridor

Came across this the other day – a one-bed house arranged over three floors. The widest room is 7’6″, the narrowest 7’3″ – but hey, who needs width when you have a nice long 16’4″ lounge to … err … play skittles? practice your golf putting?

The property is in Brighton, hence the price tag of £192,000, but I still think they’ll have a tough job selling the narrow rooms and spiral staircase – even if the agent has tried to dress it up as a ‘fairytale’ place and, wait for it, one of the few “one bedroom houses left in the Brighton area”.

Said agent has got the owners to wax lyrical about why they bought the place. Here’s what they say about it:

When we first saw this house we completely fell in love with its quirky character and unique charm. So much, we have spent 3 years lovingly restoring its original features, fitting a new kitchen, 2 new bathrooms and renovating the spiral staircase.

Because the house is set over 3 floors it feels really spacious, we especially like to sit in the kitchen and watch the world go by though through the double French doors. A real bonus for us is that the house fills with natural light and there is a stunning view from the top floor that stretches over the Patch Park and the Downs.

Fair enough. We wish them well with the sale. And if viewers question the proportions, they can always point to another Brighton house that is, according to the Guinness Book of Records, the narrowest in Britain. 

It measures just 6ft wide, is 21-ft long and is a former donkey-cart shed wedged between two more normal sized houses in Hollingdean, Brighton.

There’s also  a  7ft 7in  wide house in Clapham which has 3 floors, three bedrooms, and has been valued at between £750,000 to £800,000 – which makes this place look like a bargain. 

None of these, though, are the narrowest homes in Britain – that accolade goes to the Wedge, a one-bedroom property on the island of Great Cumbrae, off the North Ayrshire coast.  

Officially the narrowest house in the world, it’s just 37 inches at the front — though it extends to 22ft wide at the back, which we think is kinda cheating. 

Brighton house, Hollingdean


Clapham house

The Wedge


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  • Steve – I didnt know you were looking at narrow living now. You could always consider static caravans, which are not much wider, but in Poole overlooking the sea, can be on the market at around £150,000 downwards.

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