Wkye Castle for sale: eccentric folly with colourful history overlooking Chesil Beach

Wkye castle, an eccentric Victorian folly inspired by martello towers, is for sale

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You’ve been kicked out of France by those brutish revolutionaries (mon dieu!) and abscond to Blighty to avoid the guillotine. Homesick for the old country, you decide to build a house on the Dorest coast that will allow you to gaze across the channel towards the land of your birth.

Do you build something that resembles a Bastide, a Mas, or even a chateau?

Mais non. You build this: a folly, based on the design of Martello towers, made up of three parts – a squat castellated tower, a square tower, and a domed cellar with a fresh water well, known as the dungeon.

The place was built in Portland stone by a Dr. Andrew Fenoulhet in around 1855. Fenoulhet, according to local legend, was a refugee from the French Revolution and had the Castle built on this spot so that he look in the direction of France.

The building has some striking features, including an circular master bedroom with a glass roof, but the real selling point is the the spectacular views over Chesil beach, Portland Harbour, and Fleet Cove.

In the early twenties it was owned by Edmund Selous, a well-known naturalist, author and traveller who adorned the glass roof round tower with his collection of exotic butterflies.

It was three homes at some point in the past but is now one. Yours for £450,000 or above.

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