One-bed shed for sale in Forest Hill: £300,000

Surely this must be some kind of mistake? £300k and more for what looks like a converted shed?

This has to be the best bit of agent speak I’ve seen in a while – said shed is described by Roy Brooks thus:

SUPER-STYLED self-contained detached mini house in a rather excellent spot. Design junkies will love this wood-clad home; it’s a mini-house that would suit a young couple perfectly, having huge advantages over similarly priced apartments in the area. Since this is detached, you can turn your music up. You have your own garden – it wraps around the property from the front, along one side and to the rear.

A far cry from the days when Roy Brooks called a spade a spade – the agent was famous for his unvarnished descriptions such as “SO CALLED GARDEN WITH POSSIBILITIES best solved by saturation bombing’, and a ‘back bedroom suitable only for a dwarf…”

brooks 1

brooks 2

brooks 3

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