Friday Castle – be Monarch of the Glen


Complete with friendly, and very tidy ghost…

Balavil House near Kingussie, Inverness-shire, once famous as Kilwillie Castle in the television drama Monarch of the Glen, is on the market.


The 6,000 acre sporting, farming and residential estate on the slopes of the Monadhliath Mountains has been in the family of laird Allan Macpherson-Fletcher since 1790, and has been run as a commercial operation for the last 40 years.

The main house, which was originally designed by Robert Adams,  is a classically designed seven-bay mansion.

House 7

It also comes with a traditional farmhouse, an East and West lodge, six cottages and a farm.


Would-be lairds, unless they’re vegetarian, will have plenty to keep them occupied as Balavil is among the elite selection of Scottish estates where it is possible to achieve a “Macnab” of shooting a brace of grouse, stalking a stag and catching a salmon all on the same day.


One things that might put buyers off, however, is the sitting tenant, Sarah, the ghost of a maid who fell in love with the butler.


According to the owners their love was doomed as he was above her station, so she threw herself from a bridge into the waters of the Raitts Burn.


But, says the laird, she is kindly and well meaning, and has been known to fold guests’ clothes for them, so we suspect many would see her presence as a bonus.

The listing doesn’t give a price, but the laird told a reporter from the Telegraph that ‘seven million and a bit would be grand.’

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