Now that’s what I call a proper housing slump

Designer Alex Chinneck makes clever use of a derelict house. But what point is he trying to make?


The facade of this house in Margate appears to peel away from the rest of the building and slide down into the front yard.

It’s actually an installation by Alex Chinneck called From the Knees of my Nose to the Belly of my Toes.

Was he making a point about the local housing market? About subsidence? About empty homes?

Nah, not really.

Chinneck said: “I was aware of this idea that people have a choice whether or not they go through the doors of an art gallery, and often they don’t because they feel intimidated. So I think public art is important.

“I wanted to create something that captured humour, illusion and would be accessible to people from all types of different backgrounds. The response has been very positive.”

Mind you, he did add this, so maybe it is a metaphor for Britain’s housing market after all: “I increasingly like that idea of exposing the truth and the notion of superficiality. I didn’t go into the project with that idea, but as it evolved I started to like that.”

Give that man the Turner … or, alternatively, the project cost £100,000. Insert comments below about that being a decent deposit for a proper house etc etc …..


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