Castle built for three year old boy

0Now on the market for $14.8 million… When most of us agree to build our toddlers a castle we mean the bucket and sand variety.

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But when upstate New Yorker John Lavender promised his three year old a real castle, he was true to his word.

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In a promotional video, he says, “I told him I would build him a home where we could both live and create some nice memories. For some apparent reason, I made a promise to build him a castle.”

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After drawing up the plans himself Lavender spent years building the castle and collecting suitable furnishings and fittings, ie suits of amour and stained glass windows, and, apparently, laying all 800 tons of stone himself.

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We have to hand it to him, it’s an impressive achievement, though we fear that the time he spent building might have left little for creating those nice memories.

When the castle was completed the family started renting it out for holidays and honeymoons (rates start from a princely $995 a night for Mon-Fri).

And now the time has come to hang up his crown Lavender is selling the crazy castle for $14.8M.

According to the listing it is perched on a mountain top overlooking the majestic Lake George and is comprised of three separate structures, the Castle, the Carriage House and Gatehouse.

Highlands Castle is on the market for $14.8 million.



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