Sussex nuclear bunker for sale for £14,995

A nuclear bunker in Wadhurst, East Sussex, is being sold by the owner


This UKWMO – United Kingdom Warning & Monitoring Organisation – Underground Nuclear Bunker is being sold by its owner for £14,995.

There are just over 1,000 of these underground bunkers left – they were created during the Cold War and were meant to allow the Royal Observer Corps (ROC) to report nuclear explosions and monitor fall-out.

The bunker can be stayed in for up to 28 days a year … though if they drop the big one I doubt that anyone will be checking…

The bunker is being sold via the Unique Property Bulletin, and if an offer acceptable to the owner of the bunker is forwarded, then it will be sold.

Alternatively, if it’s is still on the market by the end of November 2013, the owner has indicated his preference to simultaneously place the Bunker for sale on Ebay, and advertise that Ebay sale extensively via the Unique Property Bulletin.






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