Building Tenant and Landlord Relationships

When it comes to building a relationship between tenants and landlords this often has to start with understanding what each party needs to adhere to. This way there is a clear line of communication, no fingers are pointed incorrectly and, in theory, everyone can get on. First off, whilst it is the landlord’s job to ensure that they are fully protected with landlord insurance it is the tenants job to make sure that they have covered their furniture whether this is in the form of property insurance or through contents insurance.

Here is a quick rundown of what each party is responsible for:


If you are a tenant it is important that you pay the agreed amount of rent at the time you stated to the landlord you would. If the contents of the property isn’t yours it is essential that you ensure it doesn’t get damaged in anyway, this also goes for the property itself too.

If any damage does occur then reporting it to the landlord immediately is essential so they can arrange for repairs before the situation gets worse. If you want to hang a picture or make some kind of change to the property it is important that you have written permission from the landlord otherwise they are able to keep your deposit.

As with owning a property, it is courteous not to disturb the neighbours because when you leave this could impact your reference when you look for a new home to rent.

If you have agreed an inspection with your landlord you should make sure that they have access to the property. If you run into financial difficulty and feel the best way of paying your rent is to have a lodger with you then you need to inform your landlord and come to an agreement.

When the time comes and you wish to leave the property you must have given the correct amount of notice as stated in your tenancy agreement. Also if you wish to go on holiday or be away from the property for longer than 14 days it is important that the landlord or letting agent is informed.


As a landlord it is important that you let your tenants live in the property without disturbance unless you have given adequate notice for an inspection. Once the tenant has informed you that there are some repair works that need to be carried out, they need to be done within a reasonable amount of time.

The property you are renting out needs to comply with regulations and all gas appliances are maintained by CORGI registered engineers. If you are providing furniture it needs to comply with the fire resistant regulations and all fire safety precautions are in place. This includes maintenance of fire alarms and fire extinguishers and blankets are provided.

Understanding who is responsible for what and keeping these things in mind it is a good foundation for building a good relationship between tenant and landlord and hopefully everything will run smoothly for you.

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