Finishing Touches Can Make All the Difference

If you’re planning on making major renovations to your home, then choosing the right fixtures and fittings is probably the last thing on your mind.

However, if you’re at a stage in your renovations where you’re ready to start thinking about the intricacies of design and finish then this might be more of a consideration. The same is true if you’re simply doing some light renovation for your home.

Perhaps your budget doesn’t stretch to a full renovation and you simply want to ‘freshen up’ your home and give it a new lease of life. In this instance, changing your fixtures and fittings is one way of transforming a room without the price tag and hassle of redecorating and refurnishing.


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A good place to start is with the doors. They say first impressions are everything so making sure your entrances have the right impact can be key. The type of doors you choose entirely depends on functionality you need and your personal taste. If you have a very drab and dull room, then you might want to choose a door with window panelling or frosted glass to brighten things up. Perhaps you want to create a seamless feel throughout your home, in which case you might choose to change all your doors to one particular type of wood. For period homes, you might even want to think about using reclaimed doors which will be in-keeping with your décor. If contemporary is more your thing, have a browse of online retailers such as and to give you inspiration and make you aware of the different styles which are available.

Another way to freshen up your room is to change the little things, such as doors handles and light switches. You might not think that these will make much of a difference but it could be that you’re just accustomed to seeing the same things every day! Sometimes it takes a change to make you see how outdated the fittings were. There’s nothing particularly special about a plain which light switch, however if you change your switches, door handles and even lights, so that they are all brass fittings for example it can make your room feel more co-ordinated.


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If you’re a fan of soft furnishings but don’t have the budget to fork out for a whole new suite, consider simply having your existing suit re-upholstered. It’s often much cheaper than buying new and allows you to pick a fabric which is exactly what you want rather than being dictated by what’s in the shops. Also, don’t underestimate the value of new cushions or even a throw to spruce things up a little.

So, whether you simply want to give your rooms a new lease of life or are planning a renovation from start to finish, don’t overlook the impact that the right fixtures and fittings can have.

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  • I agree that finishing touches are vital.

    Its nice to read about nicer touches that can be added to help the cosiness of a home, rather than the constant grind of basic but functional renovations I spend my life on in rental properties.



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