A student (and parent) guide to making the right accommodation choice

Making the right choice of accommodation is vitally important to making the successful transition from home to university or college life.


Get it right and it will help you settling into an exciting new phase in your life. Get it wrong and it can be the tipping point that breaks a new university career.

 So how do you choose the right accommodation for you as you look towards this exciting new phase in your life?

 Here, Salford student accommodation provider Portergate has put together a checklist that might help you – and your parents – in the process.

  1.  Cost is going to play its part – and that will remain the case throughout your university career. No doubt you’ve got a budget you are working to, so the accommodation needs to meet that financial figure.
  2. The value of the student loan will determine how much you can afford. Do your sums right at the start to avoid problems later down the line.
  3. However, there is much more to making the right choice than looking at how much rent you have to fork out each month.
  4. Make sure cost isn’t the only thing you are taking into account. This is going to be your new home, it has to suit and meet your needs.
  5. There are numerous questions you need ask, so putting together your own checklist is a good idea. Sit down and think what’s important to you when it comes to accommodation?
  6. It pays to visit in person so you can easily ask the right questions, such as are all the bills included in the price?
  7. Location is important. It can help keep the bills down and add to the attractiveness of an address. Portergate’s Riverside House, for instance, is within walking distance of the University of Salford, which is only minutes away.
  8. Take a look at the kitchens, and the bathroom facilities. Are they fit for purpose?
  9. Other important questions to consider include, is there a common room? What about the extras? Is there broadband, and again is it part of the price?
  10. Also, are there laundry facilities onsite? What level of security is in place?

 Taking a tour and asking the students who are already living there can also help you get a feel of whether the accommodation is going to be right for you.  You will get honest feedback from other young people.

 And a message to parents: You need to be aware the choice of accommodation is not just your decision. Your child also has to be happy that the accommodation is going to be their home for the academic year ahead. The atmosphere also has to be right.

 Being in student accommodation doesn’t mean that you have to settle for sub-par living conditions. Portergate Property Management’s acclaimed Riverside House accommodation in Salford has a boutique feel, with modern stylish kitchens and bathrooms. Each luxury apartment includes fully-furnished living space and fitted kitchen complete with appliances. Bedrooms are also fully furnished and come complete with furnishings and broadband internet.


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