Selling Your Home – Updating the Outside of Your Property

When people think about updating their houses to boost their chance of selling, they often set their focus on updating the inside of their home. Whilst sprucing up the inside of your home is a sensible idea it’s important not to neglect the outside of your property too. The outside of a house is the first thing potential buyers see when they arrive to view it and so it must look its best and from windows to doors to paintwork, everything must look as fresh and clean as possible in order to give the best impression.


You may not be the most green-fingered person, but if you’re planning on selling your property then it’s time you put on those gardening gloves and do a little ‘spring clean’. Plant flowers wherever possible, but not so many that you can’t manage them should it take a little while to sell your home. Ensure your garden is mowed and that any garden furniture is sanded and varnished and looking as fresh as possible and do the same with your garden shed or storage. If things are starting to look shabby, then consider replacing it or getting rid of it completely and if your garden is a graveyard for your children’s unwanted toys, then ensure you’ve collected them all up and put them into storage.

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are easily one of the biggest let downs when it comes to the image of your home as they often go unchanged for years, leaving them to become weathered and tatty looking. Updating your windows and doors can not only update the look of your home, but it can also add value to it and improve its energy efficiency levels too. With energy efficiency and the importance of conserving energy especially within the home being such a huge talking point of late, it will most likely be something potential buyers are interested in.
Pick windows and doors that are in theme with your property whether that’s something more traditional and wooden, or more modern and crafted using uPVC. Companies such as Dunster House have a wide range of windows and doors in a variety of materials, designed to complement your property.


From your window ledges to your door frames, to your garage door and its framework, it’s important to ensure that all paintwork is touched up and not left looking flaky. This is especially important if you’re considering updating your windows and doors too, as shabby framework means the money you spent updating things has been a waste. Pick a paint that will weather well and will withstand the harsher weather conditions we are becoming so accustomed to. It’s as important to pick something neutral in terms of paintwork for the outside of your home, as it is for the inside, especially as it is the first thing your potential buyer will see when they arrive to view your home.

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