Grand Designs Waterworks for sale

Disused water treatment plant turned dream home…

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Disused water treatment plant turned dream home…

Now this was a Grand Design that really hit the spot.

Dating back to the very first series in 2002, it was the winning combination of a grim building, a likeable hardworking couple with a tiny budget and no experience, and a great outcome.

The derelict 1930s water works in the Chesterfield countryside wasn’t even for sale when the couple first drove past it.

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They spotted the potential, but it took them months to find out who owned, it and two years of legal wrangling before they could buy it, snatching the Water Board’s hands off for a £40k deal.

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And that’s when the hard work started. Without the aid of a designer, architect, project manager or main contractor, and with a budget of only £100k, the couple were forced to do it all themselves, even spending their birthdays and Christmas working on the project.

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But they got there in the end, ending up with an incredible three bed property covering nearly 5,000 square feet, blending 1930s utilitarian architecture with modern design, nestled five acres of land.

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So, we like it, but what did Kevin say?

‘It’s like going to a ten star hotel. Absolutely breathtaking. I have to take my hat off to Chris and Leanne; they’ve become builders, architects and interior designers. What I admire most about this project is how light handed they’ve been in repairing the building. The additions and changes are all reversible, and they’ve been made with modern materials. The repairs to the original building have been an act of selfless love.’

The Works is on the market for £750,000.


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