Modernist classic: Trellick tower flat for sale

The building designed by Ernö Goldfinger was once hated. Not anymore Trellick 13


Goldfinger (1902-1987), a Marxist Hungarian emigre, was an uncompromisng modernist who designed some of the most prominent residential tower blocks in London – including the infamous Trellick Tower in North Kensington. His designs, to put it mildly, were controversial. He and other modernists were dubbed Brutalsists and the buidlings were reviled as ‘un-English’. James Bond author Ian Fleming hated Goldfinger’s modest house in Willow Road, Hampstead so vehemently that he named the villain of his 1959 novel after the building’s architect. When Goldfinger threatened to sue, Fleming instructed his publisher to change the name to Goldprick – which would have made an interesting lyric for Shirley Bassey to sign. But fashions change. Modernist design of this quality (not to be confused with the shoddy system built blocks of the 70s) has undergone a revaluation in recent times – Lubetkin’s Highpoint is coveted and decidely upmarket; Deny’s Lasdun’s Keeling House in Bethnal Green was converted into upmarket apartments in 2001; and the Park Hill Estate in Sheffield, now Grade II* listed, has also recently recieved a major facelift. The 31-storey Trellick Tower was commissioned in 1966 and completed in 1972. It’s also Grade II* listed, contains 217 flats, and is still inhabited by council tenants, though quite a few are also privately owned and fetch handsome prices when they come on the market. This beautifully maintained two-bed flat on the sixth floor is selling for a whopping £385,000. not cheap, but the quality of Goldfinger’s design has stood the test of time and puts a lot of new-build apartment blocks to shame.  They don’t make council blocks like this any more, that’s for sure – Goldfinger,  the man with the Midas touch. There’s another two-bed in Trellick on the on the 9th and 10th floor for sale for the same price – £385,000.

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